Homeopathy is the system of medicine, which treats disease by the use of natural, medically active substances in weak or infinitesimal doses, that when administered in health in more crude form, would produce symptoms similar to those for relief of which they are given.


It works by using very diluted substances to increase the body’s own healing abilities, as a response of the body from the action of a substance which can produce similar symptoms to which they are recommended for. For example, if you peel an onion, your eyes become very teary. A homeopathic preparation of red onion, Allium Cepa, may used for colds or allergies where the sufferer has teary eyes and provide all other symptoms apply.


Homeopathy offers treatment for acute diseases as well as chronic diseases, emotional disorders, and injuries. The body’s own internal defense system, the vital force within, is stimulated naturally to heal body, mind and spirit in harmony. Homeopathy does not kill germs, but supports the body’s own ability to heal. It is application of the law of similar to match symptoms, not the selection of the remedy by the disease that makes the correct homeopathic treatment. The body is considered as a whole, and therefore two people with the same disease are treated as distinct individuals influenced by all the factors, which have caused the disease. The Homeopathic remedy selected will match each person’s symptoms and will likely be different for each individual. This detailed and complex process can achieve favorable results, especially with chronic diseases.


The benefits to the patient of using homeopathy are that it is simple to use with out requiring special equipment, easily available and it is free of side-effects only when properly administered by a Homeopathic Practitioner.

Alternative Medicine

Homeopathy is proud to be a part of the re-emerging of Alternative Medicine. Time has come for medicine to be taught, practiced and experienced as what it is, an Art comprehending the totality of the human body and its emotional and spiritual expressions.


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