Phone Consultation


A person who is intending to become a patient can also call to ask about some points concerning our treatments or other matters.

  • A phone consultation is not a diagnostic session at all.
  • A phone consultation is not intended to discuss vital information, blood results or lab work.


New patients, potential patients, shopping patients and those who have a question to ask but do not want to leave their homes, may call the office and speak to the naturopath if he is free to take the call. Otherwise, a person may call the front desk at the Toronto office (416-207-0207) and book a brief telephone consultation with the naturopath. This telephone consultation is complimentary.


The caller (you) must realize that this phone consultation is not a diagnostic step of your sickness nor prescribing a remedy for your condition. Based on your description of your own matter the naturopath may consider and suggest several possibility, but these possibilities may not be accurate at all since the phone consultation denies the naturopath

  • to actually read your blood work,
  • to read your pathology report,
  • to see your X-ray
  • to physically examine your area of symptoms,
  • to see the reality of your complaint.
  • Well, isn’t a visit to the office a better step.


This tool is handy once in the while where a patient lives far away or the patient is unable to make it to the office for examination or discussion for extenuating circumstances. The phone consultation step is a matter of clarification of diet, clarification of remedies, questions about procedure or adjustment of the above. At no time there should be a new symptoms to be discussed for treatment or a new prescription given. New symptoms must be examined and discussed at the clinic. This phone consultation is chargeable if it will exceed 5-10 minutes ($30.00 plus applicable taxes)