New patients

Dear new patient, the staff at the Naturopathic and Allergy Clinic welcomes all new patients and stands ready to provide any help you may require to get healthier. There are four principles that we use as the back bone of our clinic.


There are specific health reasons that drove you to the clinic, and we know you want to get rid of these reasons.


We believe that treatments have a beginning and a definite end, and are never open ended. Chronic cases may be exceptions.


We search and treat the cause of your illness. Your current symptoms are good indicators for the magnitude of your suffering; we use this point to fine tune the dose of your treatment.


Our treatments are not a band aide. Our treatments are geared to bring health back.

We wish to address and treat all your symptoms and bring health to you as soon as possible.

Call our front desk at 416-207-0207 and book an appointment for your examination or book a complimentary Q & A consultation with me.

You may email the clinic staff at