Cholesterol Tx., Lecithin
Cholesterol Tx., Lecithin

Posted on 20 June, 2023

Lecithin Therapy to Reduce Cholesterol and Vascular Diseases

What is Lecithin Therapy..?

The scientific name is Phosphatidylecholine (PPx). It is a two to two and one half hours intravenous treatment given to people with:

·Increased chances of heart attacks (1st priority)

·Increased chances of stokes (1st priority)

·Increased serum cholesterol(2nd priority)

·Increased serum LDL (2nd priority)

·Preventive measure of possible heart attacks (3rd priority)

·Preventive measure of possible strokes(3rd priority)

·Improve lipid (fat) metabolism (general)

·Ectopic fat lump

·Weight loss


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