Posted on 1 June, 2023

Migraine is an intense reaction in the body focused on the head and its vicinity such as the neck and shoulders. The skull  muscles, the arteries of the head including the bifurcation of R/L carotid arteries, the R/L ears, the R/L sinuses and blood pressure of the skull were to be blame for the repeated migraine episodes that strip people from their rest and peace.  Obviously, the search had explored estrogen level changes in females and other causes related to daily habits such alcohol consumption, smoking, stress and sleep. The search goes on and people continue to suffer.

I have embarked on exploring inner aspect that may cause migraine episode. I concluded two possible causes and treatments for migraine from the point of view of alternative medicine

The first conclusion.

Over the past 30 years, I was forced to actually explore deeper into the body and travelled back to the day of birth of  each and every sufferer with migraine. Almost 50% of those suffering with migraine were not breast fed that led to a state of dysbiosis. During this state of dysbiosis the state would release aflatoxin (mycotoxins) in the body that would alter the function of each and every organ it comes in contact with. Some food enhances the presence of aflatoxin in the body due to their content of aflatoxin in the body such as dried fruits and vegetables, wine, beer and vinegar containing products and salad dressings. Aflatoxin will remain in the body until chased out of the body. The repetition of a migraine episode will last as long as dysbiosis lasts in the body. It is worth while to mention that those who have excessive treatment with antibiotic would lead to the same conclusion of dysbiosis, aflatoxin and migraine.

The second conclusion.        

Migraine sufferers who had no issues with dysbiosis, have had deeper issues as well and causes stemmed from the presence of allergic molecules trapped in the circulation. These allergic molecules were too large to be filtered out of the circulation during there natural passage through the kidneys. They, also, were too large to be excreted through the lungs or through skin pores.  They continue to circulate with the blood circulation causing migraine in addition to numerous other condition such muscles contraction especially the Skull, scalp, neck and temples muscles contractions. Among of these allergens are gluten (grains) and casein (dairy) and others. Abstention from consuming these products will not improve the migraine condition alone. In addition to diet correction and abstention from culprit foods, a treatment should seek expelling trapped allergic molecules from the body.

Other factors

The skull swivel on the Atlas a very critical and vital vertebra ( C1 ). Invariably, the Atlas becomes jammed due to abnormal movement leading to occlusion of the right and / or left Cervical Vertebral Arteries that pierce the Atlas transverse foramen leading to possible headache and migraine.

The neck region contains approximately 26 different muscle the work in synchrony to provide smoother heard range of movement.  Neck vertebrae and their major muscle such as Suboccipital, Erector spinae, Deep cervical flexors, Trapezius, Levator scapulae and Sternocleidomastoid (SCM) also must synchronize their action to a great extent between right and left muscles. The muscles of right and left muscles work in opposite action to produce proper movement. In order to tilt the head back-right the corresponding muscles on the right would contract while the opposite muscles on the left side would expand to allow a smooth movement. A muscle that contracts and remains contracted would initiate neck pain. Should the same muscle continue to be contacted for a longer time may produce headache. Chronic contraction of the muscles would lead to migraine. The more contractions, the more migraines and the longer the contractions, the more migraine.


Treatment of the migraine varies according the causes, Chronicity, age, current pharmaceuticals medication, other condition and current diet.