Tourette Syndrome and children
Tourette Syndrome and children

Posted on 20 June, 2023

Tourette Syndrome is an involuntary neurological disorder characterized by the following characteristics:
          - involuntary repeated rapid eye blinking, - tic involuntary repeated vocal sounds,
          - involuntary repeated rapid hands and/or feet and/or legs movements,
          - involuntary repeated rapid tic twitches of the mouth
The onset starts suddenly during childhood and persists if not treated. I have treated several cases using the cause and effect of allergies. The patients showed great improvement and noticeable reduction of te symptoms. My clinical experience points out to the following causes:
          - excessive usage of antibiotics,
          - allergic symptoms to certain food,
          - possible onset of fear or scare in child’s life
Screening of child’s life from birth till current time would reveal all or most of the causes.