Tension Headaches
Tension Headaches

Posted on 1 June, 2023

There is no doubt in my mind that wearing a tight band around the circumference of the head would bring severe headache, head tension, discomfort and frustration that may exacerbate to become chronic pain.

Conceivably, a symptom of any sickness is not cured if still required to take some sort of a treatment, medical or natural, to subdue the recurrent symptom. While, a successful treatment means that the symptom is gone and medical or natural treatments have been suspended.

Most of my patients who had presented tension headache, headaches, demonstrated strong connection between their tension headache and the consumption of bleached carbohydrate such as white bread and white sugar. Other factors point towards heavy metal toxicity, fungal toxins (Aflatoxins), dairy product consumption, chronic excessive alcohol toxicity and other food allergens. Stress, whether external or internal, medicated, unmedicated or treated with over-the-counter products are notorious for causing tension headache.

Headache in dogs is very difficult to detect, but you can use the drug carodyl to stabilize the heart.

Tension headache is a collection of muscle contractions of one or more of the skull muscles such as temple muscles, longitudinal arterial muscles, cross-section arterial muscles, elastic arterial muscles, smooth arterial muscles, frontal muscles and occipital muscles. Increased intracranial pressure is yet another cause of a tension headache. The symptoms of a tension headache appear almost weekly or even daily. Among the symptoms that plagues people with tension headache are pain around the head, pain behind the eyes, frontal tightness and pain.

The recovery of a tension headache requires collective investigations of all systems involved in order to secure complete healing. The treatment must target the cause of the symptom not the symptom itself in order for the treatment to bring successful results. The choice of treatment is also dependant on culprit food elimination and enhancement of healthier diet